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Cutting Edge Technology

Simple to install
little or no maintenance

Qualified return on investment

Bringing your window to life!

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Phone : +44 (0)1482 806688
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Whispering Window

The Benefits


Powered by standard domestic 4ohm or pro audio amplifiers, no special equipment required

Event Management

Add action to static windows with trigger options movement sensors or contact touch zones. Stage live ‘in window’ pop-up events

Audio Sources

Compatible with any audio source with a headphone jack, MP3 players, audio players, media players, computers and all smart phones etc.

Compact & Fast To Install

complete DIY Store packs delivered to each store – Peel and Stick technology - simple to install for store staff

Unique Patented Technology

Powerful Invisible Speaker turns any resonant surface into a speaker, including MDF, plywood, drywall and plasterboard - even the largest store windows

Smart Materials

Low profile, solid state, maintenance free, no moving parts suitable for outdoor use (IP55)

Retail Audio


Whispering Window from Feonic turns your window into a speaker. Emitting sound onto the pavement all along the length of the window. The sound helps turn glancers into lookers and lookers into engagers.

    Independent Research carried out by Retail Marketing Services Ltd compared two windows, one with sound one without:
  • When weighted against the passers by, those who interacted – either glanced or stopped & looked - with the window display increased by 56%
  • Those who glanced at the window whilst passing increased by 58% weighted
  • Those who stopped & looked at the window whilst passing increased by 49% weighted

"Over the period that the Whispering Window was installed, we noticed a 40% uplift in sales across the whole of the audio and TV department"

Kevin Scully VM Manager, Peter Jones, London

Our Products
Bus Shelter Advertising with Audio

Our Products

The latest range

Feonic Ltd is a UK registered company that develops industry leading resonance speaker audio products based upon its own extensive portfolio of patents and IP.

Feonic has particular expertise in the field of smart materials originally developed by the US Navy for ultrasonic subsea use. This smart material iron alloy can change its physical shape under certain conditions offering the ability to create a large mechanical force from a very small electrical input.

In the case of the audio products this precise high energy/small movement (micro vibration) is harnessed to resonate surfaces turning them into high quality, powerful and wide bandwidth speakers.

Call for a Demo

Phone : +44 (0)1482 806688
Or email: info@feonic.com

The Facts

About Whispering Window


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